Forum of Hellenistic  and Roman Philosophy

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At this Forum,

we bring together experienced and younger scholars working on Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy from all around the world. Participants present new research, exchange views and test new approaches in reading philosophical texts from the Hellenistic and Roman period in a spirit of open, mutual collaboration. Our online meetings enjoy large and lively participation, creating a unique platform for all those interested in this fascinating area of study.


Upcoming Events

Image by Shotaro Hamasaki

Is Universal Nature

Foundational for Stoic Ethics? 

Christopher Gill

University of Exeter

January 27, 2022


Past Events


An application in time of pandemic of the ancient Stoics' social oikeiōsis (affiliation) to other humans 

Richard Sorabji

University of Oxford

September 30, 2021


   Musonius Rufus,

or How to Recognize a Roman Stoic?

     Gretchen Reydams-Schils 

    University of Notre Dame

 November 18, 2021


Cato's integritas

James Warren

University of Cambridge

January 28,  2021

Between the World and the Void: A Stoic Category of Unfilled Space

David Konstan

New York University

March 25, 2021

The Epicurean Notion

of Epibolē

Voula Tsouna

UC Santa Barbara

May 20, 2021


Who We Are

The Forum of Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy is jointly managed by:

Attila Németh                                               Georgia Tsouni 

                 Research Professor,                                 Assistant Professor of Classics   

      RCH, Budapest                                           University of Crete