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Esteem and the Self in Ancient Philosophy

Online workshop – June, 17  



Welcome 14.55-15.00                                     All times Central European Summer Time (CEST)



                 (1)  Self-Esteem and Moral Progress: From Plato to the Stoics  

                            Georgia Tsouni (University of Crete)


                 (2)  Esteem's Value in Plato

                            Alex G. Long (University of St. Andrews)


10 min break

16.30-16.40 Remembering David Konstan by Philip Mitsis


                 (3)  Esteem and Self-Esteem in Aristotle

                           Phillip Mitsis (New York University)


                 (4)  The Cultivation and Maintenance of Self-Esteem in Epicurean


                            Clive Chandler (University of Cape Town)


20 min break



                 (5) Freedom and Self-Esteem in Epictetus  

                              Attila Németh (Institute of Philosophy, RCH) 


                 (6) ‘They Dishonor Themselves’: Plotinus on Human Values  

                             Lloyd Gerson (University of Toronto)


20 min break



                 (7)  Self-Love, Dignity, and ‘Pride’: Augustine on Self-Esteem

                          Bonnie Kent (University of California, Irvine)

Editorial note:☼


                 (8) Domingo de Soto on Secrets, Friendship and Duties of Esteem 

                            Andreas Blank (Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt)

☼ This event presents the work-in-progress papers of the ancient philosophy section for the  volume edited by Andreas Blank & Attila Németh, Esteem and the Self in the History of Philosophy, to be published in the Routledge series, Rewriting the History of Philosophy.

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